Dance before 1938 – Dance of Today


As initiative of the Odeon Theater with support of the City ofVienna, the dance critic and historian Andrea Amort is curating a festival - “Touchings: Dance before 1938 – Dance of Today” - on  the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Austria’s annexation by Nazi Germany. Honorary patron of the festival is Dr. Helmut Zilk, mayor emeritus of Vienna.


Six dance programs, each performed three times, will be presented at the Odeon from October 5 to October 31, 2008. Each of the programs will focus on a historic dance personality. The aim of these new productions is to reflect from today’s perspective the richness of Austrian dance prior to World War 2.


New works that refer to 1938 and prior will be by Nikolaus Adler, George Blaschke, Christoph Bochdansky, Rose Breuss, Fanny Brunner, Liz King, and Renato Zanella among others. The production “Hanna Berger: Retouchings” with choreography by Manfred Aichinger, Bernd R. Bienert, Willi Dorner et al. and, of course, the late Hanna Berger will have its Vienna premiere. There will be revivals of work by  Grete Wiesenthal, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Andrei Jerschik, Rosalia Chladek and other historic choreographers, as well as film showings and lectures.


October 22 will be a special occasion within the framework of the  festival: a gala benefit for Wera Goldman, 86 years old, who fled from Vienna to Tel Aviv in 1938. She will perform in person, receive the City of Vienna honor, and be celebrated in dance and speech. Martina Roesler, Dorothea Zeyringer & Mira Kapfinger and Lina Maria Venegas are among the new generation choreographers participating in Wera Goldman’s evening.


The Odeon is happy once more to offer an opportunity to be seen to dancers and choreographers living in Vienna and Austria.


Information and Tickets*:

The box office will re-open as of 1 September 2008.

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* full price: Euro 25
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