25. Februar 2022

Öffnungszeiten: 18 – 22 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr

Es gilt die „3G-Regel“ für alle Besucher.
Außerdem besteht eine FFP2-Maskenpflicht.
Ort: Im Spitzer, Taborstraße 10
1020 Wien (Im Hinterhof)


What, if we would have known, that …?

Michael Fischer – tenor and feedback saxophone
John Edwards – double bass
guest at the second set
Valentin Duit – drums

John Edwards, one of the most elaborated and versatile improvisers on the double-bass nowadays, is briefly visiting Vienna from London and joining forces with Michael for a duo and then with Valentin Duit on drums for a trio. John and Michael worked together several times over the last 20 years f.i. with Mark Sanders on drums at the University of Newcastle or with Ken Okami on light-installation at Donaufestival. This evening is exceptionally commited to free improvisation which is John’s and Michael’s musical approach since more than 20 years. Guest at this concert will be the fantastic young drummer Valentin Duit.

Free improvisation and instant composition are the only two approaches for these solely out of the moment created musical textures and narrations, ensuing from theory, techniques, praxis and prepared mind and body; requested are courage and intrepidity as well as multi-directional dedication and empathy – sharing the polylogical moment within the creational process, dedication, reception, negotiation.